What do We Offer ?

Students, with the cooperation of our professional team, will be capable of creating games, mobile applications, machine learning, artificial intelligence and websites. Where they will grasp coding fundamentals, improve their cognitive skills, and get prepared for the future market job.

1:1 Coding Class for better perception, understanding and best performance.(Only one student per class).


Importance of Coding for Kids

Critical thinking

Critical thinking is the analysis of available facts, evidence, observations, and arguments to form a judgment.

Problem Solving

As he/she will start thinking out of the box in order to find better solutions to the problems he/she may face in his/her academic and real life.

Self Confidence

helps kids see mistakes as opportunities to learn and evolve. This allows kids to feel they're in a safe space to voice their opinions without feeling embarrassed.


Children become confident in their ideas and actions when they learn to code, as it helps them to be resilient when other people question their ideas or outcomes.

Competitive skills

Programming is an exercise and a mental sport for your brain held over the internet which enables you to code a given problem under some provided constraints. That’s why it is called competitive skills.


Coding allows children to create new and unique applications, helping establish a platform for children to channel their creative potential. Many start learning to code by writing games or animating graphics, for example

GoSmarter Journey

Aim for the sky, but move slowly, enjoying every step along the way. It is all those little steps that make the journey complete. This is the passion of being part of GoSmarter Club.

Why GoSmarter

Map showing the distribution of our students and educators

Why GoSmarter


Little Minor Major
Intermediate Coders (30 sessions) • Fundamentals
• Game Development (With Certificate)
• Introduction to App Development (With Certificate)
• Game Development (With Certificate)
• App Development (With Certificate)
• Machine Learning (With Certificate)
• Game Development (With Certificate)
• App Development (With Certificate)
• Machine Learning (With Certificate)
Cost ($) 360$ (12 per session) 360$ (12 per session) 360$ (12 per session)
Pro Coders • App Development (With Certificate)
• Advanced Game Development (With Certificate)
• Python Language (With Certificate)
• Web Designing (With Certificate)
• Python Language (With Certificate)
• Web Designing (With Certificate)
Cost ($) 660$ (11 per session) 660$ (11 per session) 660$ (11 per session)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question Answer
What is coding for kids Coding for kids is the set of instructions we create to communicate with computers. Through coding we're capable of making computers perform tasks. Computer coding empowers kids to not only consume digital media and technology, but also to create it.
How many levels are there? Our students are distributed in groups according to their ages. As the first group: Little (6 to 8 year olds ), Minor Group (students of ages between 9 and 11 years old), and finally the Major Group consists of teens aged between 12 and 15 years old.
How will it help my kid Now and in the future? Benefits are countless, the most popular ones are as follows: enhancing critical thinking, improving the way of solving problems, increasing student self confidence as he/she will be more aware of what they will deal with, learning competitive skills, in addition to creativity and resilience. Besides, a guaranteed improvement in their academic life, for their high dependency on math.
How can I register my child? Our team is always available to guide you, the student will be acquiring a demo class, afterwards our team will contact you, either directly after class or by giving an appointment according to your availability. Details will be discussed clearly then the child will register, and his/ her classes will be booked according to his/her availability.
Is it hard? Are there Assignments? Would it affect his/her learning?! like it would take time at the expense of school duties!! It’s absolutely easy to learn, as we are engaging children in learning through purposeful playing that allows the student to enjoy the learning phenomena. We are giving some simple homework just to keep students refreshed between sessions. We really care about his/her school duties, that’s why the child will be able to book sessions according to his/her availability.It's very flexible and the student can even pause the classes whenever he/she has exams or other school activities.
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